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Backup just sits with 'Pending' status


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I have a user with 6.0 Professional, her backups are just sitting there with 'Pending' displayed. I had her delete the previously scheduled backups by editing the script, and clicking 'Skip scheduled executions' on the Schedule screen.


I then had her run the script, selecting this week's media and choosing a Recycle backup. After scanning the drive for files, it's now sitting with 'Pending'!


She says there's no error in the log, just a notice that the backup set has been reset.


What's keeping the backup from running?

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Resolved my problem!


After starting the Recycle Backup, had user go to Devices and saw that tape #4 was in the drive. Had user retrieve the first tape. However, the DDS-2 drive was showing 'rewinding' for an excessive time. Suggested she reboot the server when convenient.


Called back today to find out the backup ran automatically after reboot and was successfull. Apparantly the tape drive needed to be reset.

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