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Windows ME freezing upon backup


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Hello all,

I have just installed the latest version of Retrospect 6.5 on our Windows ME machine. It is looking to a networked machine to backup a folder from. The networked machine is using Windows XP. About 10 seconds in to the backup script (it backs up about 20 MB), the ME machine just freezes and the disc becomes unusable after reboot. This happens whether it is run manually or an automatic backup. I'm wondering if it something with network permissions or a problem with Retrospect on Windows ME all together. Any help is appreciated.

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What happens if you backup files from the local machine, rather then the network drive? This will rule out whether the problem is network related or not.


If the problem does not occur when backing up local files, then the next step is to start looking at the network configuration.


- Update / reinstall NIC drivers on both machines

- Reinstall TCP/IP protocol

- Try a direct crossover cable connection between the two machines which essentially makes a two computer peer-to-peer. This will rule out whether the problem is with your existing network hardware.


To be clear, are you accessing this network volume through Windows Networking or through the Retrospect Client software? Retrospect Professional comes with two client licenses, which is a much more efficient way of backing up computers on your network.



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