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Retrospect creates large phantom file?

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I am using Retrospect Server 5.0.238 to back up 30 OX 9 and X clients. I have one OS9 client which keeps reporting that it is backing up over 50GB when the drive is only 8GB! After some exhaustive testing, I finally found that Retrospect that was creating a "phantom" file in the backup set. It has the same name as the volume (and computer) that is being backed up and shows a size of 48GB.


This file DOES NOT exist on the volume, does not show up elsewhere in Retrospect (e.g. if I view the volume), and is not really 48GB as evidenced by the size of the backup media. While setting up the backup, it reports the correct size of the data. But just after the backup starts, it shows that it has completed 48GB with 7GB left to go.


If I immedialtely stop the backup and look at the files in the backup set, I see this phantom file at the root level. It doesn't really affect the backup, but it makes all the numbers (e.g MB/min) look really wierd. Any ideas?



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