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Retrsopect 6.5 SBMS Supports Quantum DLT1 v35?

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Will Retrospect 6.5, DLT1 v22 work properly under Windows 2000 server sp4?


Will some please give me a yes or no answer, and if the answer is yes, I need to know the working configuration.


After too much searching, interupting, and other ambiguities, the best I can confirm with Quantum and Dants is that Retrospect 5.6 qualified on DLT1 v22 firmware.


Will it work with DLT1 v35 (current) and Retrospect 6.5?


I've tried every configuration option I can find the past months, and have never seen Retrospect move an indentified correct labeled media from the autoloader to the drive. If I manually move the tape, the process continues. I've tried ASPI and NTPassthrough.


This situation is quite intolerable. I want to know how I can get an answer for this question. I've been very patient, and am sick of try this and try that.



Thank you, Henry Christle


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