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beeps every few minutes during backup on Powerbook 15

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I just installed Retrospect 5.1 Desktop on my new Powerbook 15 which is running OS X 10.3. Retrospect does not natively support the new Superdrives in the Powerbook 15s, (Matshita DVD-R UJ-816) so I configured it manually. That seemed to work fine (log says Method 1 failed, Method 2 success, so it's using Method 2 to write to DVD-R discs.


Retrospect 5.1 is doing its backup, but it's making its "I need attention" beep noise every few minutes. It doesn't need attention, and the backup keeps running. Very odd, and a bit distracting.


Here's what I see happening: Retrospect spends a minute or so "Copying PowerBook 15 HD..." Then a couple of minutes "Writing disc..." Next, the cursor changes to the Spinning Beachball for 30 seconds. Retrospect beeps, says "Please wait" for about 30 more seconds, and then restarts this cycle. Each cycle seems to copy about 80-100 MB to the DVD-R.


Any ideas on why the beeps, or how to silence them, other than just turning the volume down? I would like to hear a beep when it's time to change discs. Just not all these other beeps




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