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Recycle backup


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I have Retrospect 6.5.319.


Recently, I tried the "recycle backup" when a script to DVD's became excessively large. In the past, I deleted the script, and erased the DVD's (through retrospect) then reused them.


So I modified the script to "recycle" and it was my understanding that Retrospect would erase the DVD and copy ALL files and then proceed with copying new files when the script runs.


After I run a script, I usually take the DVD's and store then, then the next time the script runs, I tell it to skip the DVD and place a new one in the drive so that weekly, I have a new dvd with all of the "new" files.


Everything was working well .....UNTIL.....


The script ran, I told it to skip the DVD, and it ran from the new disc the first time...but the next time, it would not run -- after I told it to "skip". It wanted a new disc. So I changed it from "recycle" to normal. That did not work. It refuses to run...it says to "select a new disk" even thoug the present disc is virtually empty. Clearly, changing it back to run a "normal" recycle was WRONG as it wants to rename thte new disc "1" instead of "4" which is what the sequential disc number should be (disc # 3 is the present skipped disc number).


Hope that this is not too confusing. suggesitons



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