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Reinstalling Retrospect Client on a New Computer


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It has been sometime since I visited the forum...June 2003. I was never able to get the software to function properly (see previous posts). I was at the point of returning the USB tape drive because the only thing I could come up with from "troubleshooting" was that the drive itself was bad. I had a local computer company try the drive and software on one of their computers (faster processor) and although backup was slow, they were able to get it to work. Therefore, my boss purchased a new computer recently to see if this solves the problem. My old computer is now in a spare office on our network and still has Retrospect Client (upgraded from Retrospect Express because we wanted to backup other workstations on the network) installed on it. I need to move the program and license code to my new computer. I have a feeling I will need to uninstall the program on the old computer and reinstall on the new one. I still have a copy of the email from Dantz with the license code and link to the download but do I need to write down the license codes for the "clients" from the old computer or will downloading the software again provide these? There may be a post in the forums pertaining to changing computers but I don't have the time to look at every post. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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