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Disaster Recovery CD


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I have just started using Restrospect6.5 for Windows. I am a single user...no networks or anything like that.


Windows98SE 800mb processor 40gig harddrive HP series 8200 CD-RW

I turn off Norton Anti-Virus befor running ANYTHING.


I am able to create a backup with no problems. But when I try to create a Disaster Recovery Disk, the programs starts off with "Building your Disaster Recovery CR-R Image File". Everything copies along just fine until it gets almost to the end of the files to copy. It copies about 270mb of data but always leaves about 20mb not copied. At this point, the process stops. It other it quits with 18-20 mb of data left to copy. I cannot go any further and hrence , I cannot create a disaster recovery CD.


I have run this 5 times and it stops with 18 to 20 mb left uncopied. It doesn't always quit with the same file showing.


I might add, That just before it quits a little circle appears in the center of the screen that looks like it has "hands" like on a clock. It spins for just a second and the disappears. Everythig has now quit.


Can you help please.





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