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Error 204 (Device Busy)

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I am using Panther and Restrospect 5.1

I am new to using Retrospect and I am trying to backup to a DVD-RW.

I started the backup. About an hour later I came back to check on the status, I got a dialog box with the message that There was a problem writing ... Error 204 (device busy). It then asked me to insert another disk ... which I did. It appears to be progressing as though the first disk was Ok ... but yet a look at the log (here I tried to do a copy and paste ... but I cannot do a copy/print from the log file ...why?) shows that the error occurred within a minute of starting the backup.


But why did it continue with the second disk (which appears to be working fine although I have not made any changes) when it appears that the first disk failed?


is there something here that I am misunderstanding?

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