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retroeventhandler.bat and mutliple execution levels


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I recently upgraded from 6.0 to 6.5 Multi-server. I really like the idea of having multiple backups running simultaneously, but am having a bit of a reporting problem. I use retroeventhandler.bat to report on the status of our backups. What's happening is that it's mixing the jobs in the report emails if they are running concurrently.


Is there a way to separate the job notification email by execution unit? Or do I have to give up on my new simultaneous executions in order to get good reports?


Is it possible that the retroeventhandler.bat was updated to support multiple jobs and the update was not installed on the computer during the upgrade? What are people doing when they need to start and stop services - that seems even riskier than my reporting problem?


I saw the email notifications section in Preferences - that appears to only cover problem notification. There does not appear to be anything in the online help (too lazy to go get the manual) that explains exactly what this is for.



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I'm not exactly sure what your problem is. Maybe I'm just confused because we don't really utilize the multiple backup option (only 2 concurrent sessions going).


What I did was to rewrite the eventhandler.bat to key off of sourcestart and sourceEnd rather than scriptStart and scriptEnd.

Basically, I get the start, end, script name etc. pushed into a nice CSV file and then open that (in program of choice, excel, OpenOffice etc.) and get a nice spreadsheet of the last 24 hours events.


The default eventhandler.bat only keys off of the scriptstart and end events. This was an incredible pain even in 6.0 if you had proactive running. You never knew exactly when the script end would come. The logs would get out of order (proactive would start and 3 other scripts would start and end before proactive ended) or not even come because the script is waiting for a scriptEnd event, which will be sent by the proactive backup, which isn't planning on ending anytime soon.


Esentially, with multiple backups running via concurrent sessions, you have the same problem. Eventhandler keys off scriptStart and doesn't handle multiple scriptStarts well at all.

But, AFAIK, the eventhandler that comes with the install is really only there for reference purposes.

You really aught to make your own. Take the sections out of the eventhanlder you have and rewrite it to suite your needs.


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