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Not a valid license code

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We've just upgrade our Desktop version of Retrospect to v. 5.1 MAC. OS 9.1.


When I launch Retrospect, I get the window to enter the license code and I enter the code and I get this error that it "isn't a valid license code". And I entered 3 times, still the same error.


What's happening here?

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Today is Wednesday, and they haven't gotten back to me with the working license code.


We haven't bakced up our data since last Friday because of this.


I've e-mailed them Monday... no answer yet.


I'd hate to call them and have to wait another 1/2 hour on the phone. I might have to do that. In the mean time, I'll complain here.


Customer Service? Huh! doh.gif

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To continue my Retrospect Journal...


Yesterday, Wednesday, I decided to be brave and call Customer Service. Wow, I waited only 15 minutes – big improvement to 1/2 hour I waited the last time. I got the lady to finally e-mail me that working license code.


Once I entered the code in Retrospect, I got the message: "Sorry, cant run this version of Retrospect on a server. This feature requires a more powerfull application license code."


That computer isn't a Server, it's only a desktop computer running Applashare IP 6.3 on OS 9.


So, I called Tech Support (I had to wait only about 5 minutes – yeh!!!) and the guy told me about the incompatibility of v. 5 and Appleshare IP. (I had upgraded from v.3 to v.5 after calling Customer Service or Sales and the guy told me that v. 5 worked on OS 9 – but he didn't tell me about the incompatibility with Appleshare IP – oh well!)


Anyway, luckily, I found an OEM version 4.2 (that came with a drive we had bought) and I uninstalled v.5 and installed v.4.2 and now everything seems to be working just fine. Thank you.


OK, now back to work.

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