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-5000 error when restoring to AFP volume

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Hello, I am new user to this forum, so I hope this question has not been posted...


We are using a G4 running Mac OS 10.2.6. Also using Retrospect server 5.0 238. When a client requests a file to be restored, we would like to restore the file to a server where the file was originally. However we are getting a -5000 error when attempting to do this.


Procedure we follow:


1. Have Retrospect administer connect to the volume where the file should restored via AFP. Please note, this server is a Windows 2000 server running ExtremeZIP 3.1. We have found that connected via SMB messes up the resource fork of the file, thus other users such as Windows uers and Mac OS 9 users have trouble access the file correctly.


2. Perform a file restore and choose this recently mounted volume as the destination.


3. Click Restore.


4. After about a minute, the -5000 error occurs.


Any suggestions?


Thanks in advance...



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