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Security/Firewall/Ports/Disabling client/Backup when Progr. Running


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Not sure what is UUB code?


ISSUE: Here is what I need to discuss with RETROSPECT users before I launch a client on my primary server.


I am concerned with Security over the Internet when Client is active on Remote server?


What port shall I tell my Bandwidth provider to open so I can access my client for backup?


How do I disable and re-enable the client when I am ready to access the client for backup?


While running a internet backup, can I have (WEBSTAR, FILEMAKERPRO and DNS servers) running?


IF I have all programs not running, will I be able to do a Full Backup of the hard drive so if the computer has a disaster I can take my backup and bring the server to where it was?


Or if I have the Retrospect backup, will I be able to put the same image on a new computer of same type?






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