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I'm new to the forum. I have a long standing problem backing up onto my DVD-RAM disk(s). Using Mac OS 10.1.5 / Retrospect Express 5.0.238 / and in my G3 tower I have a ATAPI-A Matshita PD-2 LF-D110 A103 drive. I have 5.0 GB used on a 8.5 GB HD and wish to backup the entire HD onto my DVD-RAM. I have a handful of 5.2 GB rewriteable, 2 sided disks from 2 different manufacturers.


When I try a Normal (or Recycle) Backup with no compression, I backup side "A" until full, the disk ejects and when I turn it over and reinsert, the program fails to react to the second side. I get the dialogue box saying " Please select a new disk ... It will be named " X " all data wil probably fit on one new 2.6 GB disk." Despite all attempts to get the program to complete the Backup, it still stalls, awaiting the new disk. I have tried to put in a second, new blank disk in an effort to complete the back up on two Side "A's" as an alternate method. Still the program fails to recognize the new media.


Any suggestions?



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