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I know this has been discussed, but not exactly as per my query (that I have found anyway).


I'm using Retro 5.0 on MacOSX 10.2 and I want to back up a folder (my home folder in fact) which 'Get info' reveals as 5.7 Gb. But when I use Retrospect to Configure Volumes and Browse to that folder it is shown as containing 15.8 Gb. This is also what it appears to have to back up, but since Retrospect displays this size prior to and without any reference to any backups (i.e. just Browsing the Volume) it cannot be related to any compression setting. This is particularly irritating since I want to put it all onto one tape and that should be easy with a 125m tape on the Sony DDS3, but needless to say is actually proving impossible to achieve.


Anyone able to explain why Retrospect is seeing almost 3 times the amount of data than actually exists on the disk?

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