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Moving to OS X - what to do and how will it work?

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My office is on the verge of moving some Macs to OS X - we are currently all using 9.x, with one exception (a new G4 is running in Classic mode under OS X, and is successfully backed up while in classic). I have Retrospect (4.3) running from my G4 as the back up machine, and have scripts to do daily back ups, as well as, archiving our closed jobs folder on an external server.


Here are my questions - keep in mind, I barely know what I'm doing with Retrospect:


If I install OS X on my machine, will Retro 4.3 continue to work?


If I don't install OS X, and my machine continues to run 9.x, with Retro 4.3, but two other client computers move to OS X (and not run in Classic mode), will Retro be able to find them on the network and back them up? OR, do I need to install OS X compatible client software on those machines (purchasing the 5.x upgrade), and...


Is it possible to have some client machines running 5.x and some still running 4.3, and have the back up continue to work? Or do I need to upgrade all the machines to 5.x (will 5.x work on machines running 9.x?)


So confused and stupid today. Please help.



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