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Auto Script for Recycle Backup Didn't Let Mac Shut Down

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I had a scheduled Recycle Backup slated for earlier this morning and found that the computer, evidently, did not shut down last night as I had scheduled it to do. The mac shuts down at 12:30 AM and starts up again at 6 AM. The Recycle was slated to beigin at 6;15 AM. I found a message on the screen this morning saying that, in effect, "shutdown procedure may terminate scheduled recycle backup -- do I want to quit or launch Rerstrospect?" I clicked "launch" and the app started up, but when finished, the state of the desktop was like it was getting ready for shutdown. I had to restart to get everything back to normal.


I've not had this problem when exercising normal backups each day. What bothers me now is that apparently I will have to schedule a "recycle" when the Mac is nowhere near time for shutdown or that I have to be nearby to intervene. I thought I could have this done automatically and unattended. I guess not.



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