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System Crash/Freeze in 4.2

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Good afternoon!


We have Retrospect Backup 4.2 on a Beige Macintosh G3 Server running in OS 9 with 6 clients.


Of late, while a script is running, Retrospect will hang just before it executes a back up for one of the clients. The sequence is Scanning File, Matching Sessions, [Freeze] Continuing Execution.


Of course, when it freezes, the computer locks up. Can't move arrow icon with mouse, clock stops, etc.


My solution has been to shake my head and restart the computer (which then tells me that Retrospect failed in its backup due to a power failure or system crash) and Run the script again. It starts a fresh run, but it typically goes without error the second time.


Can anyone tell me why the computer freezes like that during a back up? I'll often peek into the cube while its running to see what folks are up to, but it doesn't matter whether they are there or away.


BTW, we run backups during the day because we've had similar problems when backing up while the office is out at night. Our boss wants me there when it backs up so I can keep on top of it.


Thanks in advance!




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