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Protect use from inadvertent changes


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Somehow, I know not how, I managed to create another volume with the same name as an existing volume. I believe that this occurred while I was fiddling with Find-ing a file.


It would have been useful to receive a warning of the potential damage that I discoverd a few hours later.


When I attempted to run a script, I was informed that a source volume did not exist.

When I looked at the script, I saw volumeF was listed twice.


One of the properties of the first volumeF was to Forget the volume, so I chose that, assuming that the 2nd volumeF would stick. Note that the 2nd volumeF did not have a Forget property.


Well, I ASSuMEd incorrectly.


When I ran the script, volumeF was not backed up.

Fortunately, I always examine the log file, so I noticed this right away.


My suggestion is that more warnings be added:


1. When a conflicting name is created.

2. When such a conflict has an effect on a script.



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The ghosted volume that you "forgot" was the original volume. The volume changed in such a way that it appeared to be a different volume - hence it was listed twice. Retrospect will always list 'remembered' volumes because they may be part of a script or they may re-appear as a result of being plugged in, attached, etc.


Retrospect will not automatically update your script with the 'new' F: drive. When you 'forgot' the original F: drive, Retrospect would have prompted you with a message similar to "F: is part of backup script xxx. Do you really want to forget?"

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