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SuSE works fine


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Dantz didn't even answer my questions about non-Red Hat Linux clients so I thought this information might be useful to someone here.




The Linux client "officially" supports Red Hat 7.x and 8.0. Unfortunately Dec 31, 2003 Red Hat will stop supporting those versions (search for "errata" on their site to find the page) so they aren't an option for me.




Anyway, the only issue with running on SuSE 8.2 is that Retro wants to install a startup script in /etc/rc.d/init.d. SuSE calls this directory /etc/rc.d/boot.d. Make a symbolic link called init.d pointing to boot.d (or change every reference to init.d in the installer script to boot.d) and you're good to go, Retro installs and works fine. You will have to install Java for the client application to work, of course, I used IBM's 1.4.1 version from their developer site.




Actually ten minutes work on the install script for the Retro client could fix this without any user intervention required.

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