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I have a configuration consisting of three machines, one is the machine where Retrospect runs, one is the server where files are backed up to using disk backups, one is a laptop running the client software. On the server I have two network shares set up which are just subdirectories under one main backup directory. One network share is used as the backup point for the primary machine and one is used for the laptop. The primary machine is running WinXp as is the laptop. The server is currently running Win2K but was previously running Win98.


For about a year I have been using automated scripted backups with few problems. Each script connects to it's respective share and backs up the files from either the laptop or the primary machine.


Recently however I installed a new system disk on the server and installed Win2K. The other disk was still the same one where the network shares existed under Win98. I set up the directories on the second disk as before, as network shares with appropriate permissions, etc.


Now when I attempt to verify the scripts and choose check media the laptop share indicates that the media is unavailable for the laptop backup script (it works fine for the primary machine).


How can I get Retrospect to recognize that the media is available?


I can browse to the shares from Explorer and see that the files are indeed there but Retrospect only sees the parent directories, not the files on the server. I have attempted to rebuild the catalog and I point it to the directory where the files are but it cannot find the necessary files to rebuild with.


Isn't there any way to get around this without performing a recycle backup? I seem to recall having this problem in the past when my home network went down and Retro attempted a backup during that time. It was as if once Retro had problems getting to the media share it thought it was always bad from that point forward. But I was able to somehow get it working again ( I thought by performing a verify, although that is not working this time).


I have double checked the permissions on the two shares and they are the same. I do not see any kind of error message when I check the media, it simply says it is not available.


Any help would be most appreciated!

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