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Preventing Auto Eject of CD/DVD Discs


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How do I tell Retrospect Professional 6.5 for Windows that I never want it to automatically eject the CD/DVD disks during backups, restores and verifies? There is never a time I want these discs automatically ejected for any reason whatsoever.


The reason is the DVD drive sits behind a clear-plastic door in the rack-mounted case and if it is automatically ejected, it just smashes itself against this door. If I leave the door open, then the cats might decide to jump on the DVD Tray as a way to get to the top of the desk at 2am in the morning (when the backup runs). When you consider it can take many hours to make these backups, the DVD Tray can sit open for hours. That's silly.


If I can just get Retrospect to never auto-eject the DVD disc, all will be fine. I know about the option to prevent auto-ejecting on removable disks and have set that already. But Retrospect still auto-ejects the DVD disc during the verify phase of the backup.


Any thoughts on how to stop all auto-ejections?





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I get the feeling I'm all alone here in this thread. Now I'm talking to myself. See what happens to the human brain when CD/DVD Tray doors open up automatically? crazy.gif


If there is no way to stop Retrospect from automatically ejecting a CD/DVD Disc, is there some add-on software that I can get which will intercept the "eject" command so Retrospect can't ever eject the disc? Needs to run under Windows 2000 Professional.


Perhaps that would be the best solution for me anyway. I never want the CD/DVD Tray top open up. I always want to do it myself.


P.S. - I have a Sony DRU-510A DVD Burner.

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