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Horribly slow Duplicates

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Having problems with Duplicate scripts. This script duplicates a directory with a storageset file in it on an iMac/400/128/OSX internal drive to an external Firewire (QPS 60Gb).




FIRST, notice the Miscompare error:




4/3/2002 1:23:11 AM: Copying Mark on Backup…


4/3/2002 3:56:01 AM: Comparing Mark02 on Storage2…


File “MarkDaily”: miscompare at data offset 1,632,858,112, path: “Mark/MarkDaily”.


4/3/2002 4:03:32 AM: 1 execution errors.


Completed: 1 files, 2.7 GB


Performance: 33.8 MB/minute (17.7 copy, 361.3 compare)




Realizing I had not power-cycled the drives when I loaded OSX on the system, I brough the entire system down and power-cycled the external Firewire drives as well.




Second, notice the HORRENDOUS copy times: 2hr, 33min for 2.7Gb (17.7Mb/min)




A direct finder copy of the same file took 4min, 4sec (about 650Mb/min). Can this be real? I suppose I should use a CRON job to copy the file instead of Retrospect, eh? That's pretty bad.

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I was working this morning to pin down this slowness, but can't reproduce the problem at the moment.




With Backup Server running, ScreenSaver kicked in, I was getting a minimum of about 225Mb/Min on the duplicate script today. Testing with and without the screensaver (OSX "Basic") showed that the screen saver slows down the duplicates by about 17% - but nothing that would account for the earlier 80%+ degredation in speed.




I noticed that when I was getting very poor rates before, performance appeared to degrate considerably after midnight. Does anyone know of issues that affect performance after midnight on an OSX machine? I think it runs some indexing routines at midnight that might affect performance.

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