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Media too different error

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I tried posting within a thread earlier, but didn't get a response, so I figured I'd post a fresh thread to try and get someone to possibly respond. Bad forum ettiquette, I know, I'm sorry.



I am running Retrospect Workgroup on OS 9.2.2, and just ran into a problem. A few weeks ago, I accidently put a 2G (DDS-1) tape in as the new tape for a given backup set. Usually I use 20G (DDS-4) tapes. It went along just swimmingly, and surprise, surprise, ran out of room the other day. I went to put a new 20G tape in to continue, and when I hit "Proceed", was greeted with the "This tape cannot be added to this backup set...too different from the other media...." error.



I know from this thread that I might have a corrupt backup set, or I've changed drive mechanisms. I know the drive mechanism is unchanged, but I doubt backup set corruption. I have a sneaking suspicion if I put another 2G tape in, things will progress just fine. But that's unacceptable, I'd have to change tapes every week, rather than every month. I also can't accept a recycle backup, which, if I read the documentation correctly, makes it look like I've never backed up any of my B week (we're on a 3 week cycle) sessions, and start them over.



Is there some other fix I can apply here? All I want to do is go back to using the 20G tapes like I'd been doing.




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