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Error 100 with sonycrx800e

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Living on a remote island, I went to considerable trouble to upgrade to RE 5 fromm 4.3 to make CDR backups on dual usb ibook with Sony CD-RW CRX800E with os 9.2.2. Toast 5 works great! Why'd I get error 100? Drive is supported. Not clear what apple or toast or other extensions are a problem. Finally found needed file doc on Dantz site - installed is SDAP Authoring Support version 1.1.9 and see no download for 1.2 on Apple site. Retrospect SDAP Support is 1.2 still from 4.3. WHy didn't 5 installation update?


I'm very frustrated by the lack of info in the installation manual. No specifics about whether and where to move driver in folder if it's not in easy installation. Internet site doesn't address this issues either. I'm happy to work with conflict catcher but need more info on possible conflicts and necessary files.


Very frustrated.





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