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Retro 5 Server not seeing changed files on XRAID/ Poor performance

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We are running Retrospect 5 Server on a B&W G3 with OS 10.2.6 workstation attached to an ADIC Faststore 22 tape library. We run incremental backups M-Th but Retrospect is not picking up any changed files from our XRAID. The logs simply show ?no files needed to be backed up.? I know for a fact this is not true.


We have also noticed that backup speeds from the XRAID are horrendously slow. Other Apple and PC servers typically are in the neighbourhood of 75mb per min but as soon as Retrospect hits the XRAID, the speeds drop to 2mb per min. Network file transfer speeds are fine (100mb switched network btw).


Retrospect 4.x was exhibiting the same slowness (one of the reasons we switched to 5) but it recognized and backed up changed files.


We have tried attaching to the XRAID both as a mounted volume and via the server client but the slowness and failure of the incrementals remain. The XRAID is attached to a G4 running OS 10.2 Server.


Since switching to Retrospect 5 we have also seen a huge increase in ?43 File Not Found errors when Retrospect attempts to backup from Windows 2000 servers (again, mounted volumes or server client, makes no difference).


Suggestions are, as always, appreciated.




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