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Recovery Disk error on boot


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I just bought a Maxtor 5000XT external drive. I created a backup and a recovery CD. In testing to make sure that I could boot from the recovery CD, the boot process seems to load all the drivers fine and then gets to the part where it starts Win 2000. Then I get a blue screen with the error PROCESS1_INITIALIZATION_FAILED. Any ideas on the cause of the problems or what to try next?


PC: Dell 330 workstation

OS: Win 2000 Pro

Backing up a SCSI disk to a Maxtor 5000XT (connected via 1394 FireWire).



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It could be that the system is missing important drivers. When booting from the Windows 2000 Disaster Recovery CD, you will get a chance to add custom device drivers by pressing F6.


If you do miss this step when booting from the CD, reboot from the DR CD and add any additional drivers that may be needed for SCSI or RAID configurations.

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Do you have a RAID? Are you using Roxio's GoBack on this computer?


After hitting F6, which hardware components did you install drivers for?


Were there _any_ hardware changes between the configuration when creating the CD, and the time you tested the CD?


Microsoft identifies this error as follows:

This error can be caused by any part of the disk subsystem, including bad disks, bad or incorrect cables, mixing different ATA-type devices on the same chain, or drives that are not available due to hardware regeneration.


It can also be caused by a missing file from the boot partition, or by a driver file that has been disabled from the Drivers tab by mistake.


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