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multi OS/application question

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I am looking into retrospect as a program to use for keeping a system clean...


The situation is as following:


I need to deliver files from different versions of Illustrator/Quark/Photoshop or Distiller. I want to set up my current HD to contain the different versions of the applications, required OS (either X or 9.2), and needed (universal to all application and OS versions) fonts. All images and files created by the layout software will be kept/archived up on an external firewire HD.


My boss seems to think this is possible through Retrospsect (or Ghost on the PC platform.)


I need to be able to "jump" from configuration to configuration quickly and reliably.


any thoughts?



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Although I'm not exactly clear as to what you're looking to do, OS X 10.2.4 and later has a feature much like ghost.


In the terminal, type "man asr" for information about Apple Software Restore. Combine that with Carbon Copy Cloner to create disk images that can be quickly applied to bland volumes for fast and easy ghosting.



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Let me try to explain what I need to do again.


I have several projects that need to be created here (USA) and sent there (overseas) for printing. The catch is that each destination and group has different requirements for the digital files, as they can't keep up with the latest (!) versions of application software.


What I would like to do is "dial-in," as much as possible, a particular system set up for each external audience. In example: One printer needs illustrator 8 files and PDFS that are print optimized (version 4 distiller) Another printer group wants screen optimized PDFs. Still another requests Illustrator 10 files and PDFs in version 5, and so on. Additionally, I would like to have a "partition" that could be setup for US versions that can take Quark 6 when it comes out. I think I'll need approximately 5 "disc images" that would give me those separate environments. I plan on saving all files to an external firewire HD, from which I would also burn CDs, back up and archive. I want to keep my working areas clean and fast as some of these packaging files get a bit large. Even further, as distiller is a 9 app and so is quark 4.1, I still need to run 9.2. I think that either I need to set up separate partitions or use a "ghosting" program.


It sounds as though the suggestion was to use Mac OS 10.2.4 or later to accomplish this. Is this really possible through just the OS? What about OS 9.2? Is the Carbon Copy Cloner a separate application or part of the OS?


THANKS again for the help and suggestions.



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