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Script for Verify

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I know I can make the verify as part of a backup script, but this extends the time of each backup script.


I am hoping to be able to perform a full or a partial backup of a catalog during the day when the backup libraries are sitting idle.


We backup large chunks of data overnight via multiple libraries running on Mac platforms.


Does the Windows version support this type of scripting?


Wouldn't it be more efficient if there was a way to verify full or partial scripts, partial being from the night before's snapshot, via a script?



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Scripting is not available for verification. You can manually verify data through Tools > Verify. This will not compare against the original files, it will only ensure the files are readable and restorable.


Verification during a backup is the process of ensuring that the original file _exactly_ matches the orginal file. It would impractical to run this type of verification at a different time or day then the original backup -- there would be potentially hundreds of errors on files that have changed through the normal course of using the computer.

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Since my original post, i see that others have suggested this in alternate forums, having this added as a feature is a great tool.


In our case, data is available on the servers often for many days, however, time is limited to perform all the backups and do a verify pass as well as a nightly routine. Hence for the feature ability of performing complete or partial verifys via a script.



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I have to agree with Amy.


In the context of a "backup applicaton", verification makes sense only at the time of the backup to increase the probability that the data was correctly recorded on the backup media.


On the other hand, a "compare application" is intended to compare the contents of two files at a time, which can lead to an enormous number of comparison differences at any point in time.


However, Retrospect could add a Compare tool to compare (sets of) files in the same way that the FC command line utility compares files. I would expect that a crude implementation would provide an interface in Retrospect to select files within a backup set and compare those to the corresponding files (in the same location) by issuing an FC command internally.


A more advanced interface could allow for comparision of files in different locations., but the actual compare could stil be carried out by crudely invoking FC.

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