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Maintaining tree structure


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Using Express 5.6


I backed up a portion of my internal hard drive to an external hard drive. To test the backup, I restored (to a blank area of my hard drive) a single folder containing ten subfolders plus some files in the main folder itself.


I used a compare program to compare the restored data to the original, but it was unable to do a valid compare because of the difference in tree structure. The restored data was not organized in the ten folders as the original is; it was simply a collection of files. All the files might be there, but there are so many, it was difficult for me to actually determine that.


Doesn't Express maintain the same tree structure in the backup as in the original? Or did I do something wrong. Is there a problem with the backup or with the restore?


Incidentally, I find Express to have an incredibly obtuse, unfriendly, and non-intuitive user interface. It may seem simple to some who use it every day, but for the occasional user, it's a real pain.

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