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is there a bug in the 9.x client updater?

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This a.m., I ran the Mac OS TCP/IP 5.0 client updater (the one that should take Mac OS 9.x clients from 4.2a to 5.0)




A number of machines were updated. A number of machines were off, so they weren't updated (normal behavior).




I restarted one of the machines that was updated. Upon updating, the Retro Control Panel was 5.0 -- this is fine.




Then, when I went to *rerun* the client updater again, when the updater hit the 9.x machine that was already updated, the log says this:




reverted from version 5.0.201 to 5.0






The computer still backs up fine (just did it now).




Is this a bug in the *function* of the updater? Bug in the actually updater file? Bug in the Retro app (this was 5.0 Server).





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