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password problems


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Apologies if this is answered anywhere, I couldn't find anything relevant.


I have Retrospect Workgroup 5 running on Mac OS 9.2.2, clients on OS 8.6, 9.x, X, and Windows 2k/XP.


I recently had to restore a XP client from tape, but didn't know about the special thing needed for the Registry backups.


I can still see the client in the Configure->Clients window, but if I try to connect to it, I get a "Login/Password conflict" error.


Is there way for me to reset the password (either on the client, on the server, or both, maybe?) but keep the client as is? I don't want to have to forget the client and re-add it to the scripts and such.


Am I just SOL?



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RegCopy will be located in C:\Client or C:\Program Files\Dantz\Client. If the utility was not used regularly for backups, it will not be usable in a restore. Ongoing, you should set RegCopy to automatically execute before normally scheduled backups of the computer.


If there is a password problem with the client, you'll have to clean install it - 'Forget' it from the server, then uninstall/reboot/reinstall the client for a new password.


If you are backing up a large number of clients, you may want to look into using Client containers for your client groups under Configure > Clients. Make folders for groups of clients (eg: Mac, Win, HR, Accounting, etc.). Your script will backup the groups (folders).


For example:


Original Script Sources

John's Computer

Mary's Computer

Mike's Computer


New Script Source(s)

Accounting folder (group)


When clients are logged on/off the network, only the folders need to be edited - rather then each and every script that contains the individual clients.

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