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need - complex backup strategy help

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i want to back up an off-site client machine to tape but i dont want

to move the tape drive around from place to place.


i can set up a script to make a duplicate of a volume on a removable

hard drive, then later put that onto the tape as a backup.



is there a way to erase the data on the removable hard drive once its

archived and then make subsequent INCREMENTAL backups? basically

fooling retrospect into copyig only new data to the drive even though

theoriginal stuff is only on the tape?


thanks in advance


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Retrospect can do incremental copy operations only by matching what is already on the destination. Hence, if the destination volume is empty, there will be nothing to match against - all files will be copied.


Is there a particular reason you want the destination erased after backup to tape? In theory, it would be much easier to leave the data on the volume, and allow Retrospect to copy only the changes in subsequent duplicates. Then, during backup to tape, only the changes will be backed up.

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