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requests: notification change, backup overview window

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Just recently started upgrading our stations to version 6.5. I feel like saying, "I love what you've done with the place!" The interface changes are very nice. And the email notification feature is something I've been BEGGING for you to add, so it's a very welcome addition. Now if you can just add that to the Mac version, I'll be ever-so delighted. smile.gif


But, however good 6.5 is, there are two requests I'd still like to make...


First, and something I've already read another poster request, the email notification feature needs to be expanded to send out messages for successful completions. If I don't get an email notification, I assume Retrospect has otherwise failed or locked up or something. I believe someone posted the suggestion about setting up a dummy script doomed to fail in order to get a notification, but that really is a backwards way of getting a successful notification.


Second, this "backup overview" window that shows at startup -- is there a preference to turn that off? Everything I need to do I can access from the menus at left. This window is redundant and annoying. Any time I launch the program, I have to wait for this window to show up, then close it, and THEN I can move on to using the program. There should be an option to *not* auto-open this window on launch.


Other than these two flaws, I have to say again, "I love what you've done with the place!"

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