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Assertion failure at "hfslvtree.cpp-278"


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Everytime my backup server tries to backup this one particular client, the server crashes and gives me this error message: Assertion failure at "hfslvtree.cpp-278". The server is running Retrospect Multiserver backup 6.0 on a PC with Windows NT 4.0 The client is a Mac OS X (ver. 10.2.2) running the newest version of the client (5.0.540).


I did a search for this error on Dantz's site and found out that Norton Personal Firewall 2.0 can cause this error. I uninstalled the firewall software from the client and tried to backup the client and my server crashed (again) with the same error.


Is there anything else that might cause this error?? Can someone offer any suggestions? Thank you for your help!!




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I ran some tests over the weekend using the new Mac OS X client referenced above.


The new client successfully backed up my Mac OS X client without the assertion failure. Further experimentation showed that the client now explicitly excludes the named UNIX pipes created by Norton Personal Firewall 2.0. Presumably, it excludes all named pipe files, right?


I originally reported this assertion failure in August 2002 and found the cause and a workaround about a month later. At the time, Robin Mayoff told me that an report (#893000) had been filed with engineering. Yet, I was never informed that you had resolved the problem. Why not?


Also, I note that the updates page still lists the previous version (5.0.540) of the Mac OS X client. Is this new version (5.1.106) not officially released yet? And, is there a list of bug fixes and improvements for the new version? (I noticed that the download didn't include a ReadMe file.)


Finally, I noticed that I no longer get the error

  • File "Herman:Applications:Retrospect Client:Retrospect Client.app:Contents:Resources:retropds.22": can't read, error -1105 (improper seek)
while backing up my Mac OS X client and said file is, in fact, copied to the backup set. Thanks for that fix!


- Gary

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Changes made the new Macintosh client software include improved memory management on the client computer as well as a fix for the error -40 File positioning for retropds.22. We expect to have the 5.1 client on the Updates page soon. I apologize that you weren't informed if we were working with you directly on this issue.




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