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client toggles off

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Hi all!



I'm REtro 5 workgroup running os9.2.1 on a network with 6 clients. all the clients are running at least OSX 10.2.3-10.2.6, with the latest retro client for osX



I'm only having this problem on one machine, but every night one of the clients toggles itself to off... and I have to go to that particular machine every morning to toggle the client back on.


otherwise the client backs up fine.



any ideas?







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Is the client located any place other then the default location (Applications/Retrospect Client/)? In the StartupItems folder (/Library/StartupItems/RetroClient/) is a unix shell script that's hard coded with the path to the Retrospect Client's default location.


If you want the client to be kept somewhere else you can edit the shell script to reflect your custom location.


If the client is in the default location, open the client application, hold down the Cmd key and click Off. Status should change to Not Running. Run the client installer again.





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