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Deleting old back ups

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Hi all,


Whats the best way to delete old back up files from a hard drive for reuse. This is the second month I use Retrospect and my two disks for this month are almost full (150gb each). Whats the best way to prepare my old disks from last moth, which are full of last months backups. The manual states to highlight the content in the hard drive and ctrl & delete, is this the best way? Any advice is greatly appreciated. Very new at this so I would appreciate step by step instructions if possible.





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If you'd like to reuse your old backup sets, you can either schedule periodic Recycle backups in your scripts, or you can manually recycle backup sets through


Configure > Backup Sets > Properties (or Configure) > Options > Action > Recycle


A Recycle backup will empty the contents of the set and allow you to reuse it.


If you would like to completely delete backup sets from your system, go to Configure > Backup sets to 'forget' the set. Then delete the actual backup set file(s) from your hard drive.

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