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Rebuilding Internet Backup Set

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Hi. This question refers to Retrospct 5.0.238 on OS 9.


I have been backing up an OS X machine to an Internet backup set (actually an FTP account on my home LIinux server). The OS X machine self-destructed resulting in total data loss. From an OS 9 machine, I am attempting to restore a few of the files from the Internet backup set.


I choose "Rebuild" backup set. I enter the username and password for the FTP account, and press "Directories." The resulting window shows the / directory, with nothing in it, and no way to navigate anything. If I enter the directory name, I get the same result. The FTP account works from this machine, the pathname is correct, and I can see the directories when I log in using Fetch. But Retrospect won't see it.


I'm very nervous that I will not be able to access my backup. Can someone help? Thank you.

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