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I started a backup of one of my client server volumes and after only a few files, I get a Net Retry message. I cancelled the net retry message and now the client doesn't appear to Retrospect until I reboot the server the client is on. The client is not locked up and all other communication (file services, tcp/ip, etc) are all good.


As a test, I backed up another volume on the same server without a problem, but when I go back to this volume, the client stops responding after only a few files. I deleted and reloaded the client software on the client server and it does the same thing.


The volume that is causing the problem has a lot of small files in a lot of folders (about 100 -150 files/folder). The folders are nested no more than 3 deep.


Retrospect is running on a G4/500 with OS9.22.

Client is running on a G4/733 with OS9.22 and AppleShare IP 6.3.


Has anyone else experienced this?


Chris Cummings

IS Manager

Muskogee Daily Phoenix

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As a test, try booting the machine with only base extensions, plus the Retrospect client and run a backup to see if there is a system conflict.


Try a direct crossover cable between the backup server and the client to see if the problem is network related.


See the following Dantz statement on ASIP:


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