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retrospect 5 + OSX Server+ adic scalar100 tape library (Rotations and scheduling)

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I come to the forums seeking advise on tape rotations and scheduling.


Here's what I'm working with:

OSX server (3 drives- 75g boot - 75gig MACDATA file storage- another 75gig un used

Retropect 5 server

ADIC SCALAR100 Tape library (LTO) holding (15 100/200GB Tapes)


The primary use for the server is file storage and data backup. It supports 25 OS9/10 clients, each with retrospect client installed. This group works on large design/art type files, so the backups are quite large.


Here is how I've set up Retrospect:

(keep in mind this is my first experience with Retrospect and the SCALAR100)


I really didn't change to many of the Retrospect preferences from the default.


Backup SET A - Nightly backup of itself - I set this to completely backup everything on each drive

Backup SET B - I'm not 100% positive but I think this is the same as SET A

Client Backup SET A - backs up 5 client machines Monday nights (designated folder on their desktop)

Client Backup SET B - backs up 5 " " " " Tesday Nights " "" " " "

Client Backup SET C - backs up 5 " " " " Wednesday Nights " "" " " "

Client Backup SET D - backs up 5 " " " " Thursday Nights " "" " " "

Client Backup SET E - backs up 5 " " " " Friday Nights " "" " " "


so each night a different group of 5 clients are backuped up, for a total of 25.


This schedule is not permanent and open to suggestions . I just set this up recently, so it's better to make changes now before it is officially live.


My first question is, does this schedule look OK?


Does it allow for easy off-site storage routines?


The tape rotation is where I get confused. How do I know which tapes to eject/export and take off site? The scalar100 is currenty holding 15 tapes, all with barcodes for for identity.


After reading the manual & a few posts in this forum, I've learned retrospect performs non traditional backups. Retrospect 'Backup Sets' do not translate to a Backup Set as a 'Tape', rather a BackupSet could contain multiple tapes.


One odd question:

I noticed when checking the Backup sets Retrospect created BACKUP SET A 001 and BACKUP SET B 001 all on it's own, Why is this?


So the list looks like this:

backup set a

backup set b

client backup set a

client backup set b

client backup set c

client backup set d

client backup set e

backup set a 001

backup set b 001




If no suggestions please point me in the right direction.


Thank you!


~Lerner (Tape Backup Newbie)





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