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Disaster recovery doesn't work


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I put in a question on 2/27/03 about the Disaster Recovery not working. I haven't received any replies to it. You can find it at:



Is someone looking into the problem?


Did someone see my question?


Has anyone tried to use the Disaster Recovery CD option in the software?


Is there something else I should be doing to fix this?


Thank you,



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Thank you for looking into this.


This is a Microsoft XP Pro with SP1 CD that came directly from Microsoft. Microsoft says everyone should always be up to date with Windows

updates. I have SP1 on my test PC. In order to repair an install that has SP1 on it I found out the hard way you MUST have a CD with SP1 on it.

The only way I know of to get a CD with SP1 on it is to get it directly from Microsoft. The CD has a part number (CD SET) X08-88358.


I hope that gives you the answer you were looking for.


Thank you,



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I've done Disaster Recovery many times with XP / SP 1 and it does work. The key is to figure out why your setup is not working. When you created the DR CD, you were prompted for the I386 folder - did you use the folder from the hard drive or the I386 folder from the Microsoft WinXP CD?


Describe your computer configuration... Make, model, etc.

Any non-standard hardware? RAID controller? SCSI hard drives?


Have you tried creating another CD?


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Please provide the following information about your configuration:




CPU (type & speed)


OS and revision including SP


How are the hard drives formatted – how many drives? i.e. C drive FAT32, D drive etc….


Which Drive is the startup volume?


Any SCSI Hard Drives?


Installed cards:

Attached devices, by interface, drive letter and ID:


Has this been reproduced (on another system)?


Version of the drivers loaded for devices/SCSI cards etc in the device manager


Have you tried creating the DR image more than once?


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