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SCIS Cards and OS X

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Sorry for new thread but it seems they die off if not replied to promply.


I am getting 206 errors on new tapes and a new deck.

I have cleaned heads with correct head cleaning tape.


Can someone tell me if the SCSI Card is Ok and if NOT what card I should buy...







Here is the scsi card used in a G4 tower mac running OS x1.2.4



| |

| Card Type : scsi |

| Card Name : ADPT,2930CU |

| Card Model : ADPT,1686806-04 |

| Vendor ID : 9004 |

| Device ID : 5078 |

| ROM# : 4.3 |

| Revision : 3



If this is not what Retrospect needs - can you recommend one or two that will work with VXA 2 in Exabyte 7 tape autoloader?


Thanks again.








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