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error accessing file backup sets


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I have been using version 5.6 for Windows (running Windows XP home) without problems backing up to a few different file backup sets on my FireWire hard drive. However, now when I attempt to run a backup to any of the backup sets, there is an hourglass for several minutes and then I get a message from windows in my task bar saying that there is a "delayed write failure" and then my drive disappears from windows. Retrospect express then gives me an error saying that it can't access the backup set. This is happening for all three of my backup sets when I try to backup, verify or repair them.


A few days ago this same thing happened when trying to do a backup to one of the backup sets. However, I ran through the repair feature and then I was able to run the backup. Unfortunately, now it's happening to all three sets and I can't repair them.


By the way, I have no problem accessing and using other files on the FireWire hard drive.


What causes this and can I fix the problem? Thanks.

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