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Looking for Alternate backup method / flexibility

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Looking for advice on attaining the following two goals with Retrospect:


1. institute a DIFFERENTIAL backup system.

2. Maintain separate files for FULL and DIFFERENTIAL backup sessions.


I have a small business that - before using Retrospect - I backed up using the following method:


A. Full backups monthly

B. DIFFERENTIAL (Not incremental) backups daily


GOAL 1: the DIFFERENTIAL backup system


From my reading, it appears that Retrospect's "Normal" backup (after the first backup) is an Incremental system.


I have no need to access any but the latest version of any given file that I back up, therefore following the "Normal" system with this kind of schedule would be a collossal waste of space. So it is important for me to be able to make the nightly backups DIFFERENTIAL type - where all changed files are backed up, and the process of backing them up this way does NOT re-set the archive bit. (SO that each night, any file that has changed since the last FULL (initial Regular) backup is again backed up.


GOAL 2: Separate backup files for the FULL (Regular) and DIFFERENTIAL sessions.


Obviously, the only way a DIFFERENTIAL backup system would save space would be if the Daily/differential backup was written to a separate file. If it was simply added to the original FULL/Regular backup file, it would actually grow faster. My intention is for each Nightly/Differential backup to over-write the last one.


Being able to run a single session for the Regular/FULL Monthly backup for all machines on the network to a single backup file, then make the DIFFERENTIAL/nightly backup sessions create a separeate file for each machine would allow me to change the frequency of backups for different machines as well, generating more flexibility, but is not absolutely necessary.



Why are these goals important?


The system of backing up I hope to follow will be to run automated backups at night to an internal hard disk, then copy the resulting backups to a USB-2 Hard disk in the morning, in order to have the safety of redundancy and off-site storage.


If anyone has any suggestions or can point to any resources that would help achieve these goals, I would be very grateful. Thank you in advance.

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It is my understanding that RS Normal (with Maching files option selected) backup type is full, incremental AND differential. Incremental because it'll copy only the files that are not in the backup set yet (Matching option). Differential, because all files (deleted and created) since the full backup (first Normal) are available. Also, and this appears to fit your need 100%, during restore, only the latest snapshot (state of your PC) is readily available for restore.


Every night run Normal backup to file backup set A.

Every morning run dupicate job to copy set A over to USB drive.

Every week run duplicate job to make extra copy of set A on the USB drive and run Recycle backup to backup set A.


Hope that helps,



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First of all, thanks for the quick response, Mikee.


My understanding of the "Normal" system you just described is that the entire backup is recorded to a single file, and when a subsequent Normal backup is made, it is appended to that original backup file, not recorded to its own file.


I was hoping that I would be able to make the subsequent backups record to a separate file. This would allow me to copy only the small differential backup file over to the USB drive in the morning, rather than having to copy over the entire set each time, as would be the case if the subsequent backups are appended to the same file as the originals.


In addition, it is my understanding that each time I do a subsequent backup, it only backs up those files that have changed since the last backup. (For instance, if I do a full backup on Sunday, then a subsequent backup on Monday and again on Tuesday, the files backed up on Tuesday would be only those that had changed since Monday.) I was hoping that on my subsequent (and recorded to their own file) backups would back up all files changed since the first backup every time. (This would result in each successive differential backup being larger than the last, but that would be OK, because once a daily backup was made, the backup from the day before could be deleted.)


I don't know if I am really making myself clear. If the system is an incremental one that re-sets the archive bit every time there is a daily backup made, then I may as well have access to all the available snap shots, since I'll be using a lot more space. (Using more space, since I won't be able to delete any of the prior backups until I do another full aka "Recycle" backup).


If there is a way to do it as I am trying to describe, that would be great. My system is not typical, but it is perfect for me. However, if it is not possible, then adapting is something I'm prepared to do. I'll just have to back up directly to the USB drive, because I don't think the 80 GB drive will have enough space to record all the backups between recycles.

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For some reason my prev reply didn't go through. I'll be brief:


I don't think you can split your backup into two backup sets while maintaining file Matching capability (Incremental backup). I could use it myself if it was available.


As,somewhat, a kludge you can do the following:


Weekly, run recycle backup to backup set A.

Daily, run Normal backup to backup set B using selector to backup files and folders that were modified, accessed or created since recycle backup was run.


Or, as long as there's a selector for it, you could run weekly recycle backup with clear Archive Attribute option set and Daily normal backup (to a defferent backup set) with a selector to backup all files with Archive Attribute.





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