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Intermittenly slow network backups

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I backup a Win2K machine to my Mac OSX QuickSilver system. Sometimes the backups are fast (50-60MB/sec or better during the backup phase), but other times (like now frown.gif) they're very slow (12MB/min). Same CD-RW drive, same versions of Retrospect and the client, etc. The only suggestion of a pattern is that when certain incompressible files (.zip or .exe's that contain compressed installation data) come very early in the backup, it's slow, but when I don't have that type of files or they come late in the backup, it's fast.


I also notice that the Win2K client with no other activity runs at nearly 100% cpu when it's slow, but less than 100% (i think) when it's fast.


Does this suggest anything?


Are the PC compressed file types listed in retrospect's don't compress list?



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