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Failure to verify


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I have a new HP DVD Writer 200i on a Windows/XP Professional system. Backups performed with verification "on" fail to complete, but with verification "off" things run smoothly. Any suggestions as to what may be causing the problem?


I doubt if its the DVD Writer as it was replaced when Dantz Support claimed the problem couldn't be their's, unless, of course, the entire product line from HP is faulty. Dantz, however, in their literature, claims that their software is compatible with the HP DVD Writer


Thanks for any input.



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but with verification "off" things run smoothly.


The whole point of verification is to ensure that your data was copied correctly - without it, you won't know if everything you copied is garbage or not.


That being said, can you provide more information on the problem? That it failed to complete is not sufficient.

-What errors?

-What happens during verify?

-What version of Retrospect?

-What troubleshooting have you done?

-What more can you tell us about your configuration?

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