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Urgent! How do I restore entire disk except for one file??

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My Titanium PBook client needs it's disk totally restored but the backup tape appears to have a corrupted file on it. I configured my Retro WorkGroup to do a full disk restore from my Ecrix XVA-1 storageset. Everything was going swimmingly until it stalled on my file 1666.jpg.


Thinking it was the usual SCSI problem(s) on my B&W G3 (sigh) I reran the restore. Same stall and freeze on my G3 on file 1666.jpg. I then wanted to see if the jpg was damaged on the tape and did a restore of just that jpg to another computer. Bingo, a stall and freeze. How do I do a complete restore and tell Retrospect to ignore the corrupted 1666.jpg?


It doesn't look like you can use selectors to exclude one file when you want to do a total restore.


HELP! It must be simple but I've tried all sorts of combos. My Pea-Brain is fried watching the little dialog box match my files again and again


Thanks for any quick insight. (and yes, I'm on the latest software patches for the drive and Retrospect.)





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Just set up a full restore as you have been doing, but before clicking "Restore" in the window where you confirm the restore parameters, click on the "Files Chosen" button. I think if you are starting off as a full restore you should find everything already marked (with checks). Navigate to the troublesome file, select and unmark. Close that window and now click restore.


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