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Scanning Incomplete, error 1001 (unknown Windows OS error)


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Anyone ever see this?


I just installed a brand new exabyte vxa-2 drive and updated the driver file in retrospect, now that it finally detects the drive and library I get this error half way through the scan...



- 3/10/2003 1:34:26 PM: Copying mirror2 (E:) on BIGDADDY

T-14: MapError: unknown Windows error 999

T-14: TPCFolderLoc::NextFind: UFindNextFile failed, E:\nameofDIR\MakingOf_PS2\MakingOf_ENG_PS2, winerr 999, error -1001

Scanning incomplete, error -1001 (unknown Windows OS error)


Quit at 3/10/2003 1:47 PM


any ideas?




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This error can happen if Retrospect encounters a problem reading a file from the source volume.




Run a complete "Scan Disk" on the source volume to see if any disk problems are detected, along with any other available utilities such as Norton.

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