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DVD-R disks not being filled before Retrospect requesting a new one

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Hello - I couldn't find this problem elsewhere on the forum but I couldn't really think what to search for. Sorry if it's been brought up before.


After much hesitation, I decided to used DVD-R disks (purchased from Apple) in my 15" iMac G4 800MHz (with built-in Pioneer DVR-104) instead of CD-R disks. I've been successfully backing up to CD-R disks for some time, with the occasion hardware fault which I assumed was a CD-R media problem. It usually worked ok when I put the next disk in.


I bought the DVD-R disks about a year ago but they've been stored out of the Sun etc. The backup set for the day was a "new media" type ( appending [002] to the name).


It failed with:



+	New Media backup using iMovie + Pics + Movies (N) at 5/3/2003 10:13 PM

To backup set Documents A [001]?

5/3/2003 10:13:17 PM: New Media backup: The backup set replaced with Documents A [002]


- 5/3/2003 10:13:17 PM: Copying iMovie on Macintosh HD?

Trouble writing: ?1-Documents A [002]? (4290772992), error 203 (hardware failure).

Additional error information for device "Pioneer DVD/CD-RW" [0:1],

Sense >


Member skipped: ?1-Documents A [002]?

6/3/2003 8:56:46 PM: Execution stopped by operator.

Remaining: 32 files, 845.1 MB

Completed: 140 files, 4.0 GB

Performance: 40.7 MB/minute

Duration: 22:43:29 (21:03:33 idle/loading/preparing)


6/3/2003 8:56:46 PM: Execution stopped by operator.

Total duration: 22:43:29 (21:03:33 idle/loading/preparing)

I cancelled the backup thinking the experiment was a bad idea and let the other backup sets I had run to CD-R.


Then the same backup set came up again in the schedule. Despite the iniital shock of losing an $11 DVD-R I thought I'd put a second one in. This time there was no hardware error but the disk didn't fill up. It only copied about 1Gb on it before it requested disk #3. I put in disk 3 with a sinking feeling and then it asked for disk 4, after only copying 1Gb onto disk 3.


Enough was enough so I cancelled it, and ran a manual new media for the backup set. Then it ran ok onto CD-R disks.


Any ideas? confused.gifconfused.gifconfused.gif


I don't want to "coaster" any more of these expensive DVD-R disks!


Thanks in advance

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