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Restoring a full backup to an upgraded PC


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Just before I go diving into this and ruining my weekend I'd like to ask for advice first. I'm about to upgrade my PC by installing a new CPU (AMD 2200+ XP) and new motherboard top replace my old M/board + PIII 1GHz)

My plan is to:

1) Do a FULL C:\ drive (W2K Pro) backup to my D:\ Drive.

2) Then create a bootable disaster recovery CD with Retrospect.

3) Do the m/board swapping etc

4) Reboot using bootable CD. re install W2K (assuming the DR CD willl give me that option)

5) Restore the backup over new OS insatllation.


My question is, is this the correct way to go about this? FIrstly, will the DR CD allow me to reinstall the OS, or should I install the OS and then use the DR CD ? Secondly, will the restore overwrite the new registry info re;lating to the new h/w settings etc?

Thanks in advance


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